If you are an owner or operator in the restaurant/bar industry and need help reopening your business, our “local” team is here to help with experienced, professional assistance. With over 25 years in the industry, we have the resources you need to rebuild your business:
  • Operational and management assistance including hiring new employees.
  • Marketing expertise.
  • Legal advice on leases, payroll, insurance, banking, and liquor law.
  • Re-branding or remodeling your current business.
  • Creating a new concept and a new name.
  • Reinventing your menu.
  • Reopening inventory purchases and control.
  • Implementing social distancing guidelines and cleanliness policies.
  • On-premise “symptoms” testing for the safety of employees and patrons.
  • Understanding local government health and safety guidelines.
  • Private loans. Debt consolidation.
  • Capital for new FF&E purchases.
  • Hands-on support at your location.

In some cases, obtaining an SBA or PPP loan may not be enough when reopening your business. Consumer confidence will be paramount to ensure customers feel safe in your establishment. Also, with historic unemployment, many potential customers will have limited discretionary income, and those who can afford leisure entertainment options will be craving something exciting and new after a long lockdown at home. It’s time to rebuild.

Don’t just reopen your existing business and hope for the best in these uncertain times. Think big! Re-imagine your possibilities and opportunities.

Your business must be located “only” in the City of Detroit or Oakland County with a Class C liquor license. You must have a valid lease for the premises or own the real estate. This offer is only valid for existing restaurants, bars, and nightclubs in the above geographic regions.

Murray Hodgson & Peter Hendrickson

We are a Michigan business with extensive industry experience. Big Time Operator, LLC.


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